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24 Mar

ELyT Global

INSA Lyon welcomed Japanese students on the campus

A new short program “Discover Lyon” with Tohoku University.

A new step has been made between INSA Lyon and Tohoku University.  Indeed, INSA Lyon and ECL organized on the request of Tohoku, the first session of the program “Discover Lyon”. INSA Lyon had the pleasure to host 18 Japanese students from March 6th to 13th, and ECL from the 14th to the 18th.

“French people don’t eat a lot for breakfast”. Forget all your misconceptions!

The students of Sendai City were immersed in French and Lyon culture by following French language classes and visiting various cultural sites (Guided visit of Lyon City center, Musée des Confluences, day trip to Annecy). They also attended innovation and intercultural lectures. Moreover the students had the opportunity to discover Provademse, a research platform on sustainable management of waste resources.   This immersion could not have been that successful without the continuous help of the INSA French students who volunteered to accompany them every day. The Students Association Best, l’Année du Tigre and La Semaine Asiatique, even prepared special activities such as a Japanese and French cooking workshop with one of the INSA’s chief restaurant.

This short program which combines academic and cultural discoveries has been the first international experience for the majority of those young students.

“Discover Lyon” thus completes the range of joint projects with Tohoku University which goes until the PhD (double-diploma, Engineer MSc; Double-diploma PhD, ElyT School…). Those formations relied on a strong research cooperation embodied by the ElyT laboratory, an IAL (International Associate Laboratory) of the CNRS which led to the creation of IMU (International Mixed Unity) in early 2016.

We wish that the students from Tohoku University will come again at INSA Lyon during their studies and then contribute to the development of this exemplary partnership.

Likewise we would like to sincerely thank the different services and people of INSA who were invested in this program (FLE, Japanese teachers, dormitory, restaurants, associations,…)

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